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Citroen Osee

Citroen Osee

Citroen Osee

Citroen Osee
Make Citroen
Model Osee
Concept year 2001
Production year -
Engine 3 litre V6

The Citroen Osee was a concept car revealed at the 2001 Geneva Motor Show.

The Osee was designed by the Italian styling house Pininfarina, and featured a mid-mounted 3.0 litre V6 engine which sat behind the three seat cockpit. The interior layout put the driver in the centre of the car, just ahead of the two passenger seats which were on either side.

Access to the Citroen Osee was through an aircraft-like forward-hinged canopy which took the place of conventional doors.

Due to the location of the engine the Osee had poor rear visibility. The solution was to use a rear facing video camera and dash mounted tv screen.

The Citroen Osee also featured Hydroactive suspension which allowed the ride height to be adjusted while in motion.

The most recent Citroen super car concept, which in a way pick up where the Osee left off, was the GTbyCitroen concept from 2008.

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