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Mazda Hakaze concept car

Mazda Hakaze concept car

Mazda Hakaze concept car

Mazda Hakaze concept car
Make Mazda
Model Hakaze
Concept year 2007
Production year -
Engine 2.3 litre 4 cylinder

The Mazda Hazake concept is a feasible design for a possible future compact crossover vehicle from Mazda. The Hakaze is intended to meet the needs of a growing compact segment trend towards SUV-like crossovers in Europe.

Hakaze (pronounced Hah-kah-zay) comes from the Japanese word "ha" meaning "leaf" and "kaze" which means "wind."

Like the Mazda Nagare and Ryuga concept cars which were displayed in 2006 and January 2007 respectively, the Hakaze concept takes much of its design inspiration from the idea of flow and movement in nature. "The design team took inspiration from sports and outdoor activities in the wind or in the water giving the sensation of being free and allows us to break boundaries," says Mickael Loyer, lead designer of the Hakaze, "like kite-surfing, flying, diving, driving a jet-ski or a motorbike. We were looking for shapes moulded by natural elements, and how the wind shapes the sand is a key element in the exterior design of this concept."

The Mazda Hakaze concept has no B-pillar, and the rear two-thirds of the glass roof can be taken off in two parts and stored in a slide-out compartment in the rear bumper. Lowering the Hakaze's four frameless windows then converts the concept into a fun to drive, four-seat coupe with roadster feel.

The interior design of the Mazda Hakaze, and especially the instrument panel, is asymmetrical with a strong focus on the driver. The wrap-around cockpit features a long steering unit that gives a feeling of sportiness and depth. It has orange-lit meters on each side of the steering wheel speedometer and tachometer and in the centre of the steering column is an LCD screen with navigation information, images from the car's rear view and side cameras and warning indicators all of which give an enhanced feeling of control to the driver. The centre of the steering wheel is fixed, only the rim and the lower arm can rotate.

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