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Mazda Taiki concept car

Mazda Taiki concept car

Mazda Taiki concept car
Make Mazda
Model Taiki
Concept year 2007
Production year -
Engine Rotary

The Mazda Taiki concept is an

The styling is inspired by the flow of air
evolution of Mazda's Nagare (meaning 'flow' in Japanese)' design theme. The Taiki follows in the footsteps of the Mazda Nagare, Mazda Ryuga, and Mazda Hakaze concept cars.

The unusual shape of the Mazda Taiki concept is based around a front-engine rear-wheel drive layout. Notable are the extremely short front and rear overhangs, and an all-glass canopy covering the two occupants. The complex styling lines are designed to represent the flow of air, and were inspired by flowing robes sometimes seen in Japanese legends.

The Mazda Taiki concept not only carries forward Mazda's styling intentions, but it also showcases real-world technologies, such as a next-generation Renesis rotary engine and enhanced aerodynamic performance.

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