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Mazda Ryuga

Mazda Ryuga

Mazda Ryuga

Mazda Ryuga interior

Mazda Ryuga interior
Make Mazda
Model Ryuga
Concept year 2007
Production year -
Engine E85/petrol engine

The Mazda Ryuga (Japanese for 'gracious flow') concept was shown at the 2007 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

The Gull-winged Ryuga is the second of three concept cars following Mazda's new design language of 'flow', a style first seen on the Mazda Nagare concept shown at the 2006 LA Auto Show.

"But we wanted to take the idea further," Laurens van den Acker, Design Division General Manager for Hiroshima, Japan's Mazda Motor Corporation, said "The Ryuga concept we're presenting in Detroit is our next step in the evolution of Nagare. It's an exploratory design study that's more realistic than Nagare and therefore more useful in gauging reactions from those who see it.

"To put this in fashion terms, if Nagare is haute couture (a custom designed and tailored garment), Ryuga is prÍt-a-porter (ready-to-wear, not one of a kind)."

Large 21 inch wheels are placed at the far corners of the Mazda Ryuga concept's exterior and lend the car a highly stable, balanced stance. The aggressive wedge shape imparts motion even when this sports coupe is parked. Volumes that are small in front, larger at the rear, wrap around and over the wheels to give the exterior tension and direction.

The front bucket seats of the Mazda Ryuga concept provide ample lateral support for energetic driving with the shape of the seats creating an impression of movement which is further emphasized by the patterns in the material.

The experimental 'floating' center cluster allows a high level of interface between the driver and the multifunction touch panel without having to take one's eyes off the road ahead. Information necessary for safe and dynamic driving is available to the driver with RPM and speed (which is shown in both analog and digital formats) being displayed on the same axis.

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