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Pininfarina Coupe

Pininfarina Coupe

Pininfarina Coupe

Pininfarina Coupe

Pininfarina Coupe

Pininfarina Coupe
Make Pininfarina
Model Coupe
Concept year 2011
Production year -
Engine -

The Pininfarina Coupe concept was developed by Peter Norris, a graduate of Coventry University's Transportation Design course who has spent the last 10 years working as a 3D modeler for various games firms, working on major titles like Timesplitters 2 and the Star Wars franchise. Currently Norris is seeking to put his skills to good use within the television or film industry.

The Pininfarina Coupe project is one which has evolved along the way. Initially Norris wanted to create something along the lines of the Fiat Coupe. Having owned a 16v Turbo Coupe, and falling in love with it despite its temperamental character, he thought it would be a good idea to reinvent the car for modern times. Along the way however he decided to significantly alter the project, and instead try and come up with a luxury coupe which would define Pininfarina, not just as a styling house who farm their designs out to other manufacturers, but as a manufacturer as well.

In his own words: "I wanted to build something that was more of a luxury rather than a budget sports car, and wondered what a car that was designed by Pininfarina, but under its own badge rather than for Fiat or Ferrari might look like."

The resulting car, simply named the Pininfarina Coupe, features the traditional front-engine rear-wheel-drive layout of all great coupes. The clean lines and bulging arches look fantastic, and he's also avoided using too many oversized air intakes which can spoil many promising supercar concepts. The sleek and simple taillights look particularly good, as do the blue-lit headlights. If it were to ever go into production, and no one's suggesting it will, then something would probably have to be done about the incredibly raked windscreen - just from a practical point of view. But seeing as it isn't, we'll just sit back and drool.

Contact information for the designer:

Email: pjn7 (at)


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