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ZOOM Rih superbike concept

ZOOM Rih superbike concept

ZOOM Rih superbike concept
Model Rih
Concept year 2009
Production year -
Engine 1000cc V4

The sleek looking Rih (Arabic for Wind) concept is the work of ZOOM-Designagency, a creative company based in central Germany.

The ZOOM Rih was designed for the special requirements of hobby racers and a small series production. The challenge was to develop a competitive sportbike with no compromise in terms of performance, weight, aerodynamics and chassis design. But at the same time the concept is filled with unique and unusual design elements.

The windshield, which is mounted just above the twin RAM air inlets, is formed from a single piece and is easily removable. Located in the middle is a hidden camera for onboard-video recording.

The ram air system also features an original design. Mounted on the fuel tank are two membranes which are connected to the airbox. These lung-shaped membranes react to the air pressure in the airbox and create the impression that the bike is breathing. For example, when the bike is accelerating the motor abruptly sucks in lots of air which results in low pressure in the airbox, made visible by the flexible membranes contracting.

One of the more noticeable features of the ZOOM Rih are the prominent logos integrated into the tires using thermochrome pigments. The logo changes color depending on temperature and therefore provides an easy reference for telling when the tires are up to optimum temperature.

The frame and swingarm of the ZOOM Rih are not like standard tubular frames, instead they have additional transverse tube structures which provide extra rigidity. The frame itself is designed to appear like muscle strands and sinews.

The proposed powerplant for the ZOOM Rih is a 1000cc V4 engine borrowed from the Aprilia V4 superbike.

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