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Mitka trike

Mitka trike

Mitka trike

Mitka trike

The Mitka trike concept from 2002 was the product of several dutch companies, Kathalys Centrum voor Duurzame Productinnovatie, Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research and the Delft University of Technology.

The Mitka is a commuter tricycle with electric power-assistance. In electric only mode the Mitka is capable of 15 mph (25km/h), and has a range of 15 - 22 miles. With the rider pedaling the Mitka can get up to speeds of 22 mph. An removable palm-top computer mounted in the dash provides the rider with performance data.

Part of the appeal of the Mitka trike is the tilting mechanism which allows the vehicle to lean into the corners like a regular two-wheel bicycle. To make the Mitka more practical an adjustable height windscreen and retractable clear roof can be deployed to provide some protection from the elements. The Mitka also has a small luggage rack to hold a small amount personal belongings.

The Mitka trike is 175 cm long and 85 cm wide. Total weight is a little over 45 kgs.

Currently the Mitka prototype is being tested by Nike. Unfortunatley a production version of the Mitka is currently not available.

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