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The Turbine Engine Powering the MTT Y2K


Year of specifications 2000-
Engine Rolls Royce Allison 250 gas turbine
Transmission 2-speed Automatic
Top speed 227 mph
0-60 MPH -
Horsepower 320 hp @ 52,000 rpm
Weight 227 kg 500 lbs
Seat height 800 mm, 31.5 inches

The MTT Y2K superbike is the world's first turbine powered street legal motorcycle in its class, and has been recognized by Guinness World Records as the "Most Powerful Motorcycle Ever to Enter Series Production" and the "Most Expensive Production Motorcycle". The Y2K is powered by a Rolls Royce Allison gas turbine engine, and the superbike has demonstrated over 300 hp and 425 ft/lbs of torque on the Dyno Jet 200, and has been clocked at a record-breaking 227 mph.

Representing the latest in engineering technology, the bike features carbon fiber fairings, a rear mounted camera with LCD color display, forward-and rear-looking radar detector with laser scrambler, one touch "Smart Start" ignition, and more. The MTT Turbine superbike is starring in the Warner Brothers movie "TORQUE", and Men's Journal lists the bike as one the most "awe-inspiring, innovative, and otherwise amazing designs" in their feature article "Perfect Stuff". With production limited to five per year, it's no wonder the superbike has become a revolution.

Specifications and information on the MTT Y2K

- The MTT Y2K's exhausts put out a 650°C exhaust.

- The 2 speed automatic gearbox is controlled from the handlebars.

- The Y2K features a carbon fiber seat fairing and fuel tank unit.

- Rear vision is handled by a rear view camera relaying images to a screen mounted in the dash.

- The Helicopter Turbine engine can run on diesel.

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