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Ginetta G20

Ginetta G20

Ginetta G20R

Year (of specifications) 2001
Engine 1796 cc, inline 4 cylinder
Transmission 5-speed, manual
Max speed 126 mph
0-60 mph 6.3 seconds
Horsepower 140 bhp @ 5800 rpm
weight 660 kg

The British built Ginetta G20 is a minimalistic roadster built for driving pleasure. Comfort and practicality are sacrificed for handling and performance. As such, the G20 has no doors and a rather cramped interior space, although with no roof at all there is room for the taller people. With only a wind deflector fitted, instead of a windshield, goggles, glasses or a helmet would be a helpful piece of equipment to keep bugs from smashing into the eyes.

The Ginetta G20 is available in both Europe, where it is fitted with a 1.8 litre Ford Zetec unit, and the US where a Mazda MX5 (Miata) drivetrain is used.

The Ginetta G20 features:
- 1800cc Ford Zetec Engine
- 5-speed gear box
- 362 Limited Slip Disc
- AVO Dampers
- Dunlop Tyres
- Safety roll over cage
- 4-point harness
- Tubular space frame chassis panelled in aluminium
- Fibreglass body

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