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Lotus Exige Scura

Lotus Exige Scura

Lotus Exige Scura

Lotus Exige Scura

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Lotus Exige Scura

Year 2009
Engine 1.8 litre, 4-cylinder, supercharged, VVT-i
Transmission 6 speed manual RWD
Max speed 152 mph
0-60 mph 4 seconds
Horsepower 260 bhp @ 8,000 rpm
weight 925 kgs

The Lotus Exige Scura is a limited edition version of the Exige. Production will be restricted to just 35 examples worldwide.

The name 'Scura', meaning 'Dark' in Italian, was chosen to underscore the menacing color and material choices of the vehicle. A contrasting high gloss 'Phantom Black' triple stripe runs the length of the car and a carbon fibre front splitter, oil cooler inlet vanes, side airscoops and rear spoiler provide aditional contrast to the velvety matt-black paintwork.

Continuing the Darth Vader-like design cues into the interior, Lotus has fitted the Exige Scura with lightweight carbon fibre sports seats and centre console. The handbrake and gear knob have undergone a special anodizing treatment which leaves the metal with an matt finish. All carbon fibre components have been finished in a high-gloss clear lacquer allowing the weave to remain exposed which gives the cabin a raw and racy ambiance.

But all the special features of the Exige Scura are not just cosmetic. Lotus has also turned their attention to both the chassis and the drivetrain.

First up the chassis modifications; Ohlins two-way adjustable dampers (which have 60 compression and 22 rebound settings) and ride height adjustment to reduce the ride height from 130 mm to 120 mm. And unique matt black lightweight forged wheels and super sticky Yokohama 048 LTS tires

Powering the Lotus Exige Scura is the same 1.8 litre, supercharged and intercooled 4 cylinder engine from the Lotus Exige Cup 260. This engine features a lightened flywheel and supercharger ducting. It offers up 260 horsepower @ 8,000 rpm and 236 Nm (174 lb-ft) of torque @ 6,000 rpm. This unit, in combination with the 10 kg (22 lb) weight saving over the Exige Cup 260, and the new launch control system, means the Exige Scura can get to 60 mph in just 4 seconds. Top speed is 152 mph.

The launch control allows the driver to determine the number of revs they wish to use during a standing start. Having programmed that limit, the driver then holds the throttle pedal down fully and sidesteps the clutch pedal for a very quick departure from the line. The clutch damper cushions the severity of the clutch to transmission engagement to minimise the stresses to the drivetrain. The launch control allows wheel-spin until 10 km/h (6 mph) to further reduce drivetrain stress, after which the traction control assumes its duties at the defined level set by the driver.

As with launch control, the amount of traction control required can be dialled in from the driver's seat and altered on the move to suit the characteristics of particular corners. The amount of traction control can be varied in over 30 increments from an optimum 7 percent tyre slip to completely inactive. The message display in the new instrument pack displays what degree of traction control is being currently utilised.

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