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Lotus Sport Exige GT3

Lotus Sport Exige GT3

Lotus Sport Exige GT3 rear

Year 2006
Engine 1796 cc, 4 cyl supercharged
Transmission 6-speed manual
Max speed -
0-60 mph -
Horsepower 285 hp @ 7800 rpm
weight 750 kg / 1653 lbs

Presented at the 2005 FIA GT Championship presentation ceremony, the Lotus Sport Exige GT3 is intended to compete in a FIA GT3 racing series beginning in 2006. A series in which the cars have equal power to weight ratios, and a direct connection to their road going counterparts.

Developed by Lotus Sport, the performance division of Lotus, the Lotus Sport Exige GT3 is a close relative of the road going Lotus Exige. The Sport Exige GT3 is powered by a race tuned, 1.8 litre, variable valve timed, supercharged and intercooled engine developing 285 horsepower.

The Lotus Sport Exige GT3, like the standard Exige, is made with the lightweight Lotus philosophy as an overriding characteristic, and its 750 kg (1653 lb) total weight is helped by a lightweight bonded aluminum chassis, carbon body panels, carbon fiber rear wing and 5-spoke forged alloy wheels. Race car features of the Lotus Sport Exige GT3 include an FIA 6-point roll cage, ignition kill switches, uprated braking and suspension systems, and an aerodynamic package.

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