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Donzi 28 ZX

Engine(s) Inboard
Horsepower (max) 700 hp
Weight 2971 kg, 6550 lbs
Length 8.4 m, 27'7"
Beam 2.6 m, 8'6"

The Donzi 28 ZX is a tantalizing speed demon that packs a lot of muscle into a seductively shaped body. From its Z-Tech, stepped-bottom hull to its custom
euro-styled windscreen, everything about this boat communicates a sense of power and grace. At the dock there’s no doubt the 28 ZX radiates an aura of fun and excitement, but open up the throttles and its carefree spirit turns into unadulterated driving pleasure. The moment you take the helm you’ll notice that something is special about this boat. A brilliantly engineered cockpit provides intelligent functionality enabling the driver to command an agile responsiveness from the
boat at high speeds. So, not only is it extremely fast, it tracks as though it’s on
rails. While it offers razor-sharp boating performance, the versatile design allows for all types of boating fun.

This boat just begs to be taken on overnight excursions. The spacious cabin
offers generous headroom and there is plenty of room to stretch out and relax.

Inside and out, the 28 ZX is a powerful combination of ready-for-anything functionality with unmatched performance and fun. When this boat hits the water your adrenaline level rises, your heart races and all your expectations are exceeded, leaving very little else to wish for. Except, perhaps, more three-day weekends.

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