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Donzi 28 ZXO

Engine(s) Inboard
Horsepower (max) 700 hp
Weight 2948 kg, 6500 lbs
Length 8.4 m, 27'7"
Beam 2.6 m, 8'6"

The Donzi 28 ZXO is a unique hybrid member of the ZX family that can be aptly described in one word – revolutionary. Its design was born out of the idea to build an unconventional bow-rider, one whose performance defies the limitations inherent in the category and can offer the features and benefits that attract so
many boaters to the ZX line. The result is a truly fascinating combination of an open-air bowrider with ZX muscle.

What makes the 28 ZXO unique is the spacious walk-thru cabin that divides the cockpit from the open bow. The wide cockpit door leads to a lighted cabin with
port and starboard seating, a marine head, lots of storage, and a forward cabin door that leads to the large, comfortably bolstered bow-seating area. As if that wasn’t enough to separate it from the crowd, this boat reaches speeds in excess
of 80 mph. ensuring that you’ll completely leave everyone else in your wake.

Boarding the 28 ZXO is like stepping into a new dimension. The technology
behind this boat is derived directly from its sister ZX models. Foremost is the responsive Z-Tech twin-stepped hull. Capable of holding twin power

plants with up to 754 horses, the 28 ZXO pushes the boundaries of speed and performance. Entirely devoted to optimizing your boating pleasure, the 28 ZXO is fast, agile and responsive to commands. This boat is a winning combination of comfort, reliability and quality.

Every item in the 28 ZXO, from the bold graphics to the deep-throated rumble of the naturally aspirated engines, shows Donzi’s commitment to building the “biggest, fastest, best-performing” boat on the water. This boat takes Donzi’s dedication to a new level. It makes a bold statement in style and functionality. And for those who are seeking the maximum enjoyment from an open-bow boat, this Donzi clearly delivers the best of all worlds.

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