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Donzi 45 ZX

Engine(s) up to 3
Horsepower (max) 2,700 hp
Weight 6350 kg, 14,000 lbs
Length 13.7 m, 45'
Beam 2.8 m, 9'3"

The Donzi 45 ZX redefines the consummate offshore powerboat. It challenges every preconceived notion about conventional go-fast boat designs. It impresses with muscular curves and a powerful presence. It performs with the self-assured agility of its Z-Tech stepped-hull. It thrills with breathtaking performance. It radiates pure energy, even when the boat is standing still.

This boat was designed and built with two things in mind - performance and pleasure. Capable of holding triple 575 hp powerplants, the 45 ZX can reach speeds in excess of 85 mph. Its Z-Tech stepped-hull is one of the world’s most advanced production hulls, delivering incredible efficiency and providing generous lift. This produces the maximum speed to control ratio necessary for optimum performance. In other words, it gives you all the bragging rights back at the dock.
In addition to all of its technological marvels, the Donzi 45 ZX places great importance on the comfort and pleasure of those aboard. Outstanding craftsmanship can be seen and felt in every detail of the boat. The cabin is spacious and elegant, combining comfort and harmony that will forever change your perception of spending a night or a weekend on-board. Above deck, the focus is on the ergonomic cockpit that keeps the multi-function controls in easy reach - allowing the driver to seamlessly communicate his desires to the boat.

Elegant, powerful, dynamic. This is the offshore powerboat of the future. Few words can capture its essence. A few people will indulge in its pleasure. For those who do, the result will be the unsurpassed experience of a lifetime.

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