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Top Ten Supercars that never made it

For every supercar manufacturer that became successful, there are a dozen which failed. Gobbling up the money of investors, and the dreams of their creators in equal measure.

Often times it wasn't due to a bad product. It was either bad timing - like the middle of a recession, or bad luck - like the car you're basing it on is suddenly discontinued.

Sometimes it WAS due to a bad product. When people are paying extraordinary sums of money for a supercar, "that'll do", and "close enough", are not words the development team should be uttering!

To qualify for this list there has to have been no progress or updates on the company or their products in over a year.

MB Exigence of Speed

The MB EOS (Exigence of Speed) was never going to win any beauty contests. But the team behind the car were more concerned with perfect aerodynamics, than beautiful styling.

Unfortunately, despite it's high tech engineering, and advanced body design, the MB EOS never made the leap to production. More photos and information

Bizzarrini GTS 4.4

Despite the Italian heritage, 4.4 litre V8 engine, and claimed 224 mph top speed, the Bizzarrini GTS 4.4 faded into dust after the it's introduction at the 2005 Geneva Motor Show

More photos and information

McRae R4

The McRae R4 has a sad story. It was to have been the first vehicle developed from the ground up with the help and input of the legendary Scottish racing driver Colin McRae.

Sadly McRae died in a helicopter crash in 2007, and although it was decided to continue with the project, the project seems to have ground to halt.
More photos and information

Freestream T1

The Freestream T1 isn't really dead, it just changed its name to the Caparo T1, which is dying - and trying to take as many auto journalists with it in the process!

More photos and information

Gigliato Aerosa

The Aerosa was an ambitious project by Gigliato Design to bring a Lamborghini engineered, Ford powered, English built supercar to the streets of Japan...

Oddly it failed to make it to production.

More photos and information

Jiotto Caspita

The Japanese designed Jiotto Caspita was developed during the late 1980s and early 90s. The initial prototype was powered by a detuned Formula One V10 engine.

Despite its astounding performance, the project was canceled in 1993 because of a global recession.

More photos and information

Laboratorio BEBI Quercianella

The Swedish built Laboratorio BEBI Quercianella was supposed to offer supercar performance at a reasonable price. But the projected price of $270,000 (150,000) was far from reasonable. Especially for an unknown and untested company offering a stripped down sports car.

Perhaps it was a combination of price, unpronounceable name, and unproven engineering which sealed the cars fate. More photos and information

Carver One

Okay so the Carver One isn't really a supercar, in fact in most countries it would have qualified as a motorbike had it made production. But it was super, and some people thought of it as a car, so that's why it's here.

Unfortunately the Carver One project struggled financially soon after the first vehicles hit the streets in 2006. By 2009 it was all over.
More photos and information

Sunred SR08

Spain doesn't have a glowing history of producing supercars, and the Sunred SR08 didn't help change that fact.

The car was designed for use in FIA GT1 racing, and there were to be 10 roadcars built alongside. Neither made it to production.
More photos and information

Laraki Borac

Based in Morocco, Laraki have been trying to get in on the super car scene for a few years. First they tried it with the mid-engined Fulgura. Then they changed tack and tried it with a front engined GT called the Borac. Both of them have so far failed to garner enough interest to justify a production run.

More photos and information
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