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Mazda MX-0

Mazda MX-0

Mazda MX-0
Make Mazda
Model MX-0
Concept year 2010
Production year 2020 (theoretical)
Engine electric motors

The Mazda MX-0 (zero) is a striking looking concept vehicle which was created by a group of nine Mazda designers for the LA Auto Show's 2010 Design Challenge.

The 2010 competition brief was to design a car which weighed under 1,000 lbs (454 kgs), and could safely and comfortably transport up to four people.

Mazda say they have designed the MX-0 concept for the year 2020. But unless car design changes radically in the next couple of years, that's looking a little optimistic!

To accompany the stylish images of the Mazda MX-0 concept, the designers have also written a little history lesson and future projection regarding the MX-0 project. Here it is below:

Zero weight:
Mazda's longtime commitment to low weight is driven by the belief that effortless cornering and acceleration should be at the heart of every car we design. Our featherweight icon - the Mazda MX-5 Miata, tipped the scales at a little over 2,300 pounds in its first generation. Starting with the MX-5 as a benchmark, the design team has carried out a systematic process of reduction and consolidation. In this process, we have redesigned each component in the Mazda MX-0 to carry out the functions of several MX-5 components, effectively replacing a multitude of MX-5 parts with fewer, simplified ones. Innovative lightweight materials have been used extensively to obsessively lower weight.

Zero carbon:
Aimed at the global market of 2020, and with projected volume of 500,000 units annually, the Mazda MX-0 would have positive effects on the world's environment and economy by way of less energy consumption and minimized use of raw materials. High-volume, automated manufacturing of sustainable, inexpensive composites coupled with clean-running drive trains are the key to both low weight and high-volume production.

Zero mass = maximum speed:
At the heart of the Mazda MX-0 is its purpose as a driving beast. Its ultra-light mass is pushed by high-torque electric motors. High power-to-weight is where a Mazda comes alive. Impossible acceleration and instant cornering is the result. Itís more like flying than driving. Zero hindrance. Driving bliss.

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