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Nissan Actic Concept car

Nissan Actic Concept car

Nissan Actic Concept car interior
Make Nissan
Model Actic
Concept year 2004
Production year -
Engine -

The Nissan Actic which was debuted at the 2004 North American International Auto Show was developed by a team of designers at Nissan's design studio in California.

The Actic is a futuristic design incorporating many novel features. The interior glass roof panels display video images of the outside environment. Intelligent door handles sense a nearby hand and electronically present themselves to the user. The Actic also features a key fob containing all the drivers interior preferences and settings, such as AC and audio tracks and settings, the device also holds e-mail and navigation information.

Interestingly many production cars now feature ports for docking iPods and other removable audio devices - a feature the Actic concept showed off.

Nissan designed the exterior of the Actic with smooth uninterrupted lines, as such the Actic lacks any B-pillars giving a seamless look to the side glass.

The large diameter aluminium wheels are designed after running shoes, and the 5-spokes run to the very outer rim of metal.

Nissan displayed a trailer with the Actic that was specially designed for the concept. It can be expanded when stationary and features inflatable walls, when erect it is capable of sleeping three.

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