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Nissan Round Box (R.D/B.X)

Nissan Round Box (R.D/B.X)

Nissan Round Box (R.D/B.X) interior

Nissan Round Box (R.D/B.X)
Make Nissan
Model Round Box (R.D / B.X)
Concept year 2007
Production year -
Engine -

The Nissan Round Box went on display at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2007. The concept was a bizarrely styled 2+2 which was designed around the idea of interaction. Interaction either between the occupants or with the surroundings.

The unusual styling of the Nissan Round box doesn't have much coherence. The grill sits awkwardly in at the front and gives the nose the appearance of a fish wearing a mouth guard. The jerky, flared front wheel arches don't fit with the headlights either. But from the doors back the design improves somewhat, although it does have the look of a Smart ForTwo on steroids. The rear is probably the best angle to view the Nissan Round Box from as the back panel is clean and uncluttered and the rounded shape of the rear arches fit well with the curved roofline.

Inside the Nissan Round Box the passengers are able to share entertainment and driving information through an interactive "Play Catch" system developed by Nissan.

The driver and passengers are able to gain a greater sense of speed (part of Nissan 'interaction' design theme) when traveling in the Round Box thanks to a small window in the lower section of the door which lets the occupants see the road surface slipping past.

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