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Nissan Redigo

Nissan Redigo

Nissan Regigo above
Make Nissan
Model Redigo
Concept year 2003
Production year -
Engine -

The Nissan Redigo (say Ready-Go) concept is lighthearted car from the 2003 Tokyo Auto Show. The most striking feature of the Redigo concept is the bright metallic lime green colour.

The body of Redigo has a rounded form at the four corners as if it were a rubber boat floating in space and the vertically long LED headlamps make a striking impression with their bold look.

The Redigo concept has a pillarless glass house cabin with a T bar feature which sits on top of the body and is flanked by prominent shoulders running the length of the car.

TheRedigo's interior is again dominated by an overpowering sickly green colour on the seats and door inserts. Information is relayed to the driver and passengers by two separate consoles, the drivers providing relavant drive information and the front passengers displaying advanced IT technologies and various entertainment features.

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