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Nissan Pivo

Nissan Pivo

Nissan Pivo interior
Make Nissan
Model Pivo
Concept year 2005
Production year -
Engine Electric

The egg-like Nissan Pivo concept from 2005 is an unusual city car concept with the unique ability to rotate its cabin 360 degrees.

The Nissan Pivo also reduces blind spots by displaying the vehicles surrounding onto small monitors mounted on the A pillars.

A dash-mounted infrared (IR) commander allows the driver to operate the navigation and stereo systems with simple finger movements, without letting go of the steering wheel.

Inside, seating for three is provided, with the driver in a central, slightly forward, seat.

The Nissan Pivo is powered by Nissan's own compact, high-performance lithium-ion battery and its unique Super Motor, results in zero emissions.

In 2007 Nissan unveiled a similar concept based on the Pivo. The new concept had the unimaginative name of Pivo 2.

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