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Nissan Bevel concept

Nissan Bevel concept

Nissan Bevel concept
Nissan Bevel concept

Nissan Bevel concept

Nissan Bevel concept
Make Nissan
Model Bevel
Concept year 2007
Production year -
Engine 2.5 litre V6

The Nissan Bevel which went on show at the 2007 North American International Auto Show in Detroit was, as Nissan put it, "a dynamic, multi-purpose vehicle – one designed to enhance every activity, every opportunity. But unlike currently available sport utility vehicles or minivans, which emphasize passenger needs and comfort, the advanced Bevel Concept's focus is placed strictly on the primary user – male empty-nesters actively engaged in hobbies, recreation and community service."

The Nissan Bevel was designed at Nissan Design America, Inc. (NDA) in La Jolla, California. "We see an opportunity to expand the range and values of the utility vehicle world," said Bruce Campbell, vice president design, NDA. "In the future, we envision "genres" where each product will be more dedicated and more focused, with the vehicles being much closer to the multi-dimensional aspects of the target buyers."

The Nissan Bevel was designed for the 'everyday hero', men aged between 45 - 60 with active lifestyles and hobbies, who don't require a pickup, but storage space which is an extension of their toolboxes, workshops and garages.

The Nissan Bevel concept features an asymmetrical exterior with a long driver's side door which pivots on a special hinge designed for ease of entry and exit. A large driver's side window aids visibility. The driver's side rear body panel is solid, except for a narrow, horizontal upper window.

On the passenger side of the Nissan Bevel's body are two doors, with the rear door hinged at the rear to provide an exceptionally wide door opening of nearly five-and-a-half feet (67.3 inches)

Other features of the Nissan Bevel exterior include hidden LCD headlights and projector fog lamps, a glass/solar panel roof, LCD taillights integrated into the tailgate surround and hidden under the paint, breakaway fiber-optic side cameras in place of traditional sideview mirrors, a recessed rear license plate holder, hidden exhaust outlets and touch-sensitive door release keypads mounted in the door window glass.

The interior of the Nissan Bevel is organised into three specific zones. The first zone is the comfort zone (driver's area), with a comfortable, rich leather-clad fixed seat. A section of the driver's side floor is connected to and moves out with the driver's door.

The second interior zone of the Nissan Bevel concept is the "command central" information/technology zone, designed to connect the driver with the Bevel and the outside world. The information-centric, fully digital instrument panel features a series of screens. Side LCD monitors, located on the outer edges of the instrument panel, display images from the sideview mirror cameras.

The third Bevel zone is the utility/pet zone. Bevel's flexible seating includes lightweight, aluminum-frame fold-flat front passenger and rear bench seat. Because they are likely to be kept in the folded position most of the time, the seat surfaces themselves are very simple yet durable, and the backsides of the seats are covered with the same material as the rear cargo area floor, creating one large, seamless front-to-rear utility surface. The flooring itself is constructed from laminated recycled walnut, creating an extremely hard, workbench-like surface.

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