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2007 BMW M3 (E92)

2007 BMW M3 (E92)

2007 BMW M3 (E92)

2007 BMW M3 (E92)

2007 BMW M3 (E92)

2007 BMW M3 (E92)

2007 BMW M3 (E92) interior

Year (of specifications) 2007 -
Engine 3999 cc V8
Transmission RWD
Max speed 155 mph (limited)
0-60 mph 4.6 seconds
Horsepower 414 bhp @ 8300 rpm
weight 1655 kg / 3648 lb

The E92 BMW M3 was introduced at the 2007 Geneva Motor Show. At the core of the BMW M3 is a 4 litre V8 engine tuned to develop 414 bhp and 295 lb-ft of torque.

In keeping with tradition, the engineers at BMW M GmbH developed the BMW M3 as a fundamentally individualistic vehicle. The level of commitment to this approach is clearly demonstrated by its body. While it is based on the dimensions and the underlying form of the BMW 3 Series Coupé, virtually all body elements have been newly developed and designed from the ground up. Apart from the supporting vehicle structure, only the doors and the luggage compartment lid were taken over from the series model

All other components were specially engineered for the BMW M3, lending the vehicle exterior unique aesthetics that accentuate its superior power. Unmistakable features that make the BMW M3 instantly recognisable are the special trim at the front and rear, the engine compartment lid with its bulging Powerdome and two air intakes, the lateral air slots in the front side walls, the side skirts and the exterior mirrors in a BMW M typical design.

Front with additional air intakes, engine compartment lid with Powerdome. Faithful to the principle of "form follows function" in designing the body for the concept study, designers at BMW M GmbH used elements that not only visually emphasise the increased sportiness of the vehicle, but also serve a technical purpose. Conspicuous at the front are three large air intakes below the cooling grille that supply the engine with additional intake and cooling air. Strong, vertical struts delineate the air intakes and enhance their characteristic form.

Wheel arches and side skirts communicate agility and stability. The muscular front wheel arches of the BMW M3 symbolise the high level of agility and driving stability achieved by this vehicle.Together with the forged 19-inch light alloy rims in the classic Y-spoke design, they emphasise the vehicle's wide track, while a glance through the spokes of the rims reveals the compound high performance brakes developed exclusively for M vehicles.

In designing the interior of the M3, the specialists at BMW M GmbH have succeeded in offering the occupants maximum driving pleasure in an ambience tailored to their specific needs and wishes. This applies particularly to the driver, with all controls and instruments relating directly to the active driving experience in the car adapted to the supreme performance of the BMW M3 and re-designed from the ground up wherever appropriate.

Double circular instruments with white illumination and red needles, the M leather steering wheel and the newly designed centre console all characterize the cockpit of the new BMW M3. The door cutout trim embellished by the characteristic M logo, the support for the driver’s left foot made of brushed metal, the special design and color of the inner door panels, as well as the trim strip made of high-quality, sophisticated materials exclusive to BMW M such as leather in carbon design or aluminum, all serve to underline the supreme and truly unique position of the new BMW M3.


External review by Craig Alexander McDicken

Handling - The best nothing compares, 5 star (*****) CSL for tracks or E92 for everyday.

Speed - The top end of the E92 M3 is perfect not too quick that fuel consumption suffers but fast enough to show others who the king is.

Acceleration - The M3 E92 bear in mind this is a comfort luxury saloon will get to 62MPH faster than almost all vehicles in its category.

Comfort - Top notch comfort with top notch build quality BMWs are built to last forever.

Pleasure - There is no greater pleasure than pressing that M button and knowing there are even super cars and rally cars that cannot touch you, it truly feels like you are entering "Warp Mode".

Practicality - The M3 can be used day to day just as easy as for example a Ford Mondeo or a VW Passat, it has a large boot, lots of leg room, lots of extras, a quiet and comfy ride, decent fuel consumption for a car of this caliber, the sports coupe or the saloon will soothe your brow on an early morning and teach that idiot beside you on the motorway a lesson in the afternoon, and will get you and the young ones home safely on a wet windy and stormy night, it will also take the family around to the grandparents with comfort as another factor.

Ease of Entrance - Even my great granddad with a dodgy hip and arthritis finds the M3 a very easy car to get in and out of when going in the back.

Friendliness with children - The M3 E92 is a very child friendly car it provides entertainment of the highest class, using DVD players, comfy seats, Cd players, TV etc.

Safety - With the safety ratings of an M3 E92 you can gain the confidence to drive it in any weather or conditions. You will feel safe and secure on those long, cold, dark trips away from home. He will also allow you to push the vehicle to its limits.

Other comments - As a driver I have never experienced anything like the m3 before except the 323 and 328 models E36 and E46. But the M3 is of a different class, it is a league all of its own, you need to drive him before you can ever understand the Sheer Driving Pleasure and the reason BMW are The Ultimate Driving Machine...

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