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Top Ten Most Innovative Vehicles

The world is filled with millions and millions of different vehicles which are used to transport people and cargo to far away locations - through all types of climates and over varying terrain.

However most vehicles are actually quite similar. Most cars have four wheels, most boats have a pointy end and a blunt end, and most aircraft don't work well as cars. However there are a few oddities in the world of vehicles which try to bend the conventional rules.

Listed here are ten of the most ingenious and oddball concept and production vehicles ever devised.

Covini C6W

At first glance the Covini C6W almost looks like a photoshopped Ferrari with a couple of extra wheels thrown in. It's not. It really is as crazy as it looks.

Despite the unusual layout the manufacturer actually claims that the six wheels offer a number of benefits over the usual four.

More information on the Covini C6W

Honda UX-3

The Honda UX-3 is a unique balancing monowheel which the Japanese company conceived as a completely new form of personal transport.

Powered by a small electric motor the 10 kg (22lb) UX-3 can run for around 1 hour on a full charge. Hardly seems worth the effort if you ask me.

More information on the Honda UX-3


The NASA AD-1 has got to be one of the craziest looking aircraft ever to be produced. In most aircraft, if the wing swung round to a 60 degree angle across the body, you'd be in big trouble. However the AD-1 used this swiveling wing feature to its advantage.

The NASA AD-1 was retired after 3 years and 79 flights in 1982.

More information on the NASA AD-1

Segway Centaur

The Segway Centaur is the bigger, but much less well known relative of the Segway HT.

Using the same gyroscopic balancing technology featured on its sibling, popping a wheelie on the Centaur is a safe and controlled activity, you can even go in reverse while on two wheels!

More information on the Segway Centaur

Innespace SeaBreacher

The Innespace SeaBreacher is an amazing little submersible which relies on the principle of underwater flight for movement and directional control.

Controlled by a joystick, the SeaBreacher quite literally flies underwater, it can even leap out of the water like a scalded dolphin!

More information on the Innespace SeaBreacher

ParaJet SkyCar

So many people and companies over the decades have tried to come up with viable flying cars, and almost all have failed. And failed spectacularly at that.

The ParaJet SkyCar is a simplistic take on the whole flying car idea. And it's this very simplicity which has made the ParaJet SkyCar one of the only successful 'flying cars' to hit the market.

More information on the ParaJet SkyCar

Nike One

The Nike One isn't going to be hitting the streets any time soon as its just a concept .In fact the closest thing you can get to driving it is on Polyphony's Gran Turismo 4 driving game.

Clever ideas which were integrated into the design of the Nike One include a human-powered element - but it's not what you think!

More information on the Nike One

Rinspeed sQuba

The picture pretty much says it all. The Rinspeed sQuba is a sports car which is capable of transforming into an open-top submersible.

Powered by electric motors, the sQuba is based on a Lotus Elise platform which has been heavily modified to accept all the propellors and buoyancy tanks needed to make a submarine

More information on the Rinspeed sQuba

Mobula Ekranoplan

This weird looking vehicle is just a concept for the time being. It was devised as a massive luxury transport vehicle for long-distance travel over the oceans and seas of the world.

The Mobula is an ekranoplan, this is the name given to a vehicle which is capable of flight - but relies on a phenomenon called 'ground effect' - to stay aloft.

More information on the Mobula Ekranoplan

WAM-V Proteus

The WAM-V Proteus is a strange looking vessel which looks like some sort of giant water-walking spider. But it is in fact a Wave Adaptive Modular Vessel (WAM-V).

Unlike conventional boats which force the water to conform to their hull shape, the Proteus adjusts to the shape of the sea. This means that the passengers are subjected to much less up-and-down movement caused by wave motion.

More information on the WAM-V Proteus
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