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Nissan Cypact

Nissan Cypact

Nissan Cypact

Nissan Cypact
Make Nissan
Model Cypact
Concept year 1999
Production year -
Engine turbodiesel 4-cylinder

At the 1999 Frankfurt Motor Show Nissan rolled out the Cypact concept - a rather dowdy looking vehicle which looked like it belonged in the 80s, not the end of the 90s.

The Cypact was designed as a small car which could offer fun and economy in equal measure. Although one look at the exterior, and after a quick examination of the drivetrain, it's pretty obvious the balance was tilted in favor of economy.

Powering the Cypact was a 1.2 litre turbodiesel 4-cylinder which produced 75 horsepower. The transmission consisted of a 5-speed manual gearbox driving the front wheels. This drivetrain offered an extremely frugal 83 mpg.

Thankfully, despite its blandness, the Cypact was cleverly engineered and packaged. The engine for example was the first diesel engine to utilize a lightweight alloy block as opposed to a traditional cast iron unit. The thoughtfully laid out interior offered ample space for four - no small feat considering the diminutive exterior proportions. Oversized doors helped provide easier entry and exit.

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