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Nissan Yanya

Nissan Yanya

Nissan Yanya

Nissan Yanya interior
Make Nissan
Model Yanya
Concept year 2002
Production year -
Engine petrol and electric hybrid

The Nissan Yanya concept which Nissan rolled out at the 2002 Geneva Motor Show was an extremely adaptable vehicle which could be configured in a variety of ways to suit the drivers needs.

It was a supermini with mild off-road capabilities which could be turned from a fully enclosed vehicle into either a convertible or a small pickup.

Power for the Nissan Yanya came from a hybrid drivetrain. Up front was a small internal combustion engine which powered the front wheels. While at the rear an electric motor would supply power to the rear wheels if needed.

While the exterior styling of the Yanya would have required some tweaking to make it more palatable to the average consumer, the highly versatile design and distinctive appearance would certainly have appealed to a great number of potential buyers had the car gone into production.

The interior of the Yanya featured four individual seats and each occupant got their own internet connection.

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