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BMW 507

BMW 507

BMW 507

Year (of specifications) 1955 - 1959
Engine 3.2 litre V8
Transmission 4 speed manual RWD
Max speed 140 mph
0-60 mph around 9 seconds
Horsepower 160 bhp
weight 1485 kg / 2835 lbs

The BMW 507 was a luxury sports car introduced at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York in the summer of 1955. The 507, which was designed by Albrecht Goertz, featured simple, flowing contours and classic proportions. The bodies were hand formed from lightweight aluminium.

The BMW 507 was based on a drastically modified BMW 503 saloon chassis. And this in part meant that although the car was a serious performer on the road, it was too compromised to be an all-out racer. The 507s racing career was less than distinguished.

Under the long, low bonnet of the BMW 507 lay a 3168 cc, alloy V8 engine borrowed from the BMW 502 saloon. In standard form it developed 150 horsepower. However a 160 hp version was an option. This engine (with the correct rear-end gearing) allowed the car to hit 140 mph.

The engine was mated to a 4 speed manual gearbox driving the rear wheels. Various rear-end ratios were available, offering the buyers a choice between higher top speed, or faster acceleration.

While the BMW 507 was a highly prestigious car, owned by the worlds rich and famous, it was a financial disaster for BMW. The company lost money on every 507 built. This forced the company to discontinue the model in 1959 after only four years of production. In total 252 BMW 507s were built.

Today the BMW 507 is one of the manufacturers most desirable classic models. Collectors exchange vast sums of money in order to get one in their garage.

The 507 also provided the inspiration and design influence for the BMW Z8 sports car from 2000.

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