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Top Ten Ugliest Sports Cars

Sports cars are supposed to be objects of desire. Beautiful, stylish and well, for want of a better word, sporty.

They are not supposed to be a mismatched and disjointed collection of parts thrown together to resemble a car.

Some of the sports cars featured here may be very capable machines, with high-performance engines and superb handling. But unfortunately for the onlooker style has either taken a back seat to engineering performance, or missed the ride altogether.

Salica GT

The Salica GT should be much better looking than it is because it's based on the great looking Noble M12. Essentially what Salica do is take a perfectly good M12, and then assault it with a horrific bodykit which completely destroys the car's appearance from every angle.
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Avanti has had a long and bumpy history which has seen the 'Avanti' name change hands several times, and production locations and platforms change just as much.

The Avanti's ugliness stems from the mixture of badly fitting lights - both front and back, and the slab-like body panels which have about as much interest as a blank piece of paper.
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Jetstream SC250

Because Jetstream is a small company just starting out in the world of car manufacturing you can forgive them for not making the prettiest car on the block. Especially when it performs as well as it does. But surely it would have been a good idea to spend more than 15 minutes designing the bodywork.

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Mosler Raptor

It's hard to believe that Mosler, the same company who make the stunning MT900S, also produced this freak of nature at one time.

The Raptor was a function driven design with great performance, but the styling looked more like the work of a preschool project than a supercar manufacturer.

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IFR Automotive Aspid

At best the IFR Automotive Aspid's styling could be described as 'unique'. But most people would call it downright awful.

If it wasn't for the utterly insane performance figures it offers the Aspid would be a complete waste of space.

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Mitsuoka Himiko

Mitsuoka have a long history of copying the shape of traditional British sports cars and basing them on more common running gear.

The great-pretender that is the Himiko, is based on the Mazda MX-5's platform.

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Lister Storm

The Lister Storm was a beast from the 90s which had a Jaguar-sourced 7.0 litre V12 mounted up front. Powerful it was, pretty it wasn't.

The angular styling looks dated and mismatched, and the boring rectangular grilles at the front don't do it any favors either.

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X Works Automotive X1

Of all the cars on the list this one probably deserves to be here the least. It's not essentially ugly, but it is unoriginal, and all the different elements like the headlights, fog lights and various grilles look over the top and disjointed.

Although a 500 hp 2.0 litre 4 cylinder does go some way to easing the visual discomfort.
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GDT Speedster

Thankfully the GDT Speedster is a one-off sports car so your chances of ever seeing it are limited. Based on a Corvette drivetrain the GDT Speedster was capable of 170 mph, so if you do see it hopefully it won't last long. The problems with the cars styling starts at the front - where the headlights and grille look like an afterthought, and continue throughout the design.

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Blast Automotive Blast

The Blast is a driver orientated sports car, and therefore is meant to please the guy behind the wheel and nobody else. Which is a good thing because the awkward bodywork is a complete disaster from start to finish. It does look purposeful - but at the cost of style.

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