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Heel and Toe gearchange
How to perform a Heel-and-Toe Gearchange

The heel-and-toe gearchange is an advanced driving technique which allows for smoother driving and braking. And smoother braking means you can brake harder and faster which ultimately results in faster lap times. Heel-and-toeing is done so that consistent pressure can be applied to the brake pedal during downshifting.

Heel-and-toeing is done by keeping the top of your foot on the brake during a downshift and blipping the accelerator with the right side of the foot to bring up the engine rpms as the downshift is made.

A good way to practice a heel-and-toe gearchange is to blip the throttle during a downshift to match the revs of the new gear without braking. Slowly, and as your skills improve, introduce braking into the mix.

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