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Left-Foot Braking

Left-foot braking is a pretty difficult skill to master and as such shouldn't be practiced on public roads. If you get it wrong it could easily end up causing a crash. Part of the difficulty of left-foot braking can be attributed to the fact that the left foot is not as attuned to pedal sensitivity as the right foot. Due to the fact left-foot braking is generally only required during competition driving it is best left to the track.

Left-foot braking involves altering the balance of a car during cornering by applying the brakes during cornering while still keeping the accelerator depressed.

A situation which could require left-foot braking is when the driver is cornering under power. If the driver doesn't want to lift off the throttle then left-foot braking can induce a mild oversteer situation, and help the car turn-in better. Mild left-foot braking can also help reduce understeer by moving the balance of the car further over the front wheels giving them better traction.

Left-foot braking is very hard on a car, especially the brakes and transmission.

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