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oil dipstick location
The oil dipstick is clearly marked with a bright yellow handle.

oil dipstick reading
The oil level is clearly visible as a light brown fluid on the end of the dipstick.
How to check your oil

Keeping track of the oil level in your vehicle is one of the most
TIPS - While checking the oil level, also take time to look at the quality and cleanliness of the oil. If it looks black or very dark brown then it's time for an oil and filter change. Blackened oil has much less lubricating efficiency than clean oil, if it gets too bad it can lead to overheating and premature engine wear. If it's honey colored or light brown then the oil is fresh and new.
basic general maintenance checks you can do. But it's a pretty important one. Low - and also overly high - levels of oil can lead to disastrous internal damage of the engine. Making sure the oil level falls between the manufacturers recommended high and low levels - and keeping track of how dirty it is - is a simple way of keeping an eye on the engine's internal health. Monitoring the oil level of a vehicle gets more important the older the vehicle is as these often need more regular oil changes and top ups.

To check your vehicles oil level follow these simple steps:

1) Park the car on level ground. If it's parked on a hill or at an angle then the reading on the dipstick won't be accurate, it would be like trying to guess the level of water in a jug when you're holding it at an angle! Also don't measure the oil level right after driving the car. It's best to check it at least 5 minutes after the engine is turned off.

2) Open the hood and locate the dipstick. It's usually brightly colored, often red or yellow. Carefully pull out the dipstick and wipe it down with a clean cloth or paper towel.

3) Reinsert the dipstick to its maximum depth and then remove it again. This time carefully look at where the oil level comes up to on the dipstick and make sure it falls between the upper and lower marks on the dipstick. The lower mark denotes the manufacturer's minimum recommended oil level, and the upper mark shows where the maximum recommended oil level is.

4) If the oil level was between the two marks then you've got nothing to worry about - at least not with the oil level. If it's lower than the recommended level then its time to check for oil leaks and buy some oil. If it's high then someone's overfilled the oil and you will need to drain some out - otherwise the additional pressure of the excess oil can cause gaskets and seals to fail.

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