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Ford GTX1 Roadster

Ford GTX1 Roadster

Ford GTX1 Roadster

Ford GTX1 Roadster

Ford GTX1 Roadster interior
Make Ford
Model GTX1 Roadster
Concept year 2005
Production year 2005
Engine V8

The Ford GTX1 is the realisation of one mans dream, Kip Ewing, a Ford SVT engineering supervisor. Kip had sketched the convertible version of the Ford GT on a placemat using the 1966 Sebring-winning Ford GTX1 roadster as his inspiration - hence the name.

Ewing took a 1:18 scale die-cast model of the Ford GT and modified it, first by cutting off the roof and then remodeling it with regular automotive bodyfiller. He finished it all off with automotive paint. He used this model to convince the higher powers that his project was feasible. Ewing talks of the GTX1 design story.

"I've spent my education between engineering and fine arts, but my career path has been engineering," said Ewing. "To be able to get my design work recognized in a show is something I've longed for my whole life."

The GTX1 is not just a nice looking concept, some clever engineering went into the multi-configuration roof.
The GTX1 roof system consists of four individual hard panels. These panels can be configured as a coupe, t-top, or full convertible. The panels are also painted in the same Valencia Yellow with Tungsten Silver stripes covering the whole car. So, when the car is configured as a coupe, it doesn't lose any of its design appeal, a problem with many convertibles. All the panels for the Ford GTX1's roof are stored neatly in the car, meaning that if a sudden summer downpour begins you don't get soaked, well not for long.

Genaddi Design Group, a Wisconsin based coachbuilder with experience cutting the roofs off of expensive and exotic cars, was chosen to build the car.

The Ford GTX1 was shown at the SEMA 2005 show, one of the premier automotive products trade events in the world.

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