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Ford F-250 Super Chief concept truck

Ford F-250 Super Chief concept truck

Ford F-250 Super Chief concept truck

Ford F-250 Super Chief concept truck Tri-Flex engine

Ford F-250 Super Chief concept truck interior
Make Ford
Model Super Chief
Concept year 2006
Production year -
Engine Tri-Fuel V10

The Ford F- 250 Super Chief concept truck shown at the 2006 Detroit Motor Show was a gigantic machine powered by a V10 engine capable of running on a variety of fuels.

The versatile Tri-Flex engine can be fueled by hydrogen, E85 ethanol, or standard petrol, and can go 500 miles between fill ups. Also when fueled with hydrogen, CO2 emissions are 99 percent less than when fueled with petrol, so its environmentally friendly too. Sometimes.

The lavish interior of the F-250 Super Chief is decorated with American Walnut wood, brown leather seats, brushed aluminium highlights, and features a full glass roof as well as automated rear footrests. The overall appearance is more like a stylish cafe than a heavy duty pickup. Ford aimed to show what a truly top-of-the-range pickup interior may look like.
To make room for the opulent interior space, 2 foot had to be removed from the rear box, leaving 6 foot of cargo space.

The chunky architectural styling, and tidy rear of the Super Chief's exterior looks surprisingly fussy upfront, although this is in part due to the use of Ford's BlockerBeam technology. The BlockerBeam is designed to connect with a car's frame in the event of a collision, and so reduce the chance of the car slipping under the truck, while also absorbing much of the energy.

But then the whole purpose of the Super Chief is really to demonstrate the Tri-Flex engine's capabilities and help Ford in its aim to produce more (and better) fuel efficient and environmentally friendly vehicles in the future.

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