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Ford Punk concept

Ford Punk concept

Ford Punk concept

Ford Punk concept
Make Ford
Model Punk
Concept year -
Production year -
Engine -

The Ford Punk concept was a creation of Linda Andersson from the Jaguar Advanced Design team.

It was conceived to explore the exciting forms an automobile could take. Based on research which showed many people found contemporary automotive design to be rather bland, the Ford Punk attempted to offer a radical and rebellious alternative.

The Ford Punk concept uses the six-shooter as a design influence, a true American icon, and the overall shape of the Punk shares more than a passing resemblance to American hotrods.

Inside, the Ford Punk aims to emphasize the driver’s contact with the car, “It’s not all about what it looks like; it’s more about what it feels like”, explains Andersson. The idea was to focus on those objects in the car that the driver is in physical contact with, such as steering wheel, seat and gear stick. The choice of material was also made to achieve maximum comfort and contact with the car, and by that fulfill the users needs, aspiration and lifestyles.

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