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Ford Visos

Ford Visos

Ford Visos

Ford Visos rear angle

Ford Visos side view

Ford Visos concept car interior
Make Ford
Model Visos
Concept year 2003
Production year -
Engine Inline 6 cylinder

The Ford Visos Concept from 2003 is

The Visos concept was created as a modern day version of the Capri
a modern interpretation of the Ford Capri from the 1970's.
The Visos is a powerful car clearly designed for speed. The concept Visos uses a 350 hp straight 6 mated to a six speed manual gearbox.

The Visos concept has adjustable aerodynamics, through a technology called ' Active Surfacing', when sport mode is selected the front splitter, rear spoiler and rear diffuser all modify their shape and improve the cars overall aerodynamic performance.

During sport mode the interior of the car also changes, the seats provide more lateral support, lighting increases and the steering wheel is brought closer.

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