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Ford IndiGo Concept

Ford IndiGo Concept

Ford IndiGo Concept

Ford IndiGo Concept interior
Make Ford
Model IndiGo
Concept year 1996
Production year -
Engine 6.0 litre V12

The Ford IndiGo was designed with Indy race cars in mind, hence the large spoilers front and back and the exposed wheel look. Actually they are covered by thin matt black guards.

To help maintain the straight-from-the-track appearance, the lights on the IndiGo are discreet and integrated into the mirrors and front spoiler.

Power for the Ford IndiGo concept was supplied by a 441bhp 6.0 litre V-twelve engine giving the car an estimated top speed of 170mph and 0-60 time of under four seconds. The IndiGo's six-speed sequential transmission was derived from race cars, and gear changes were made by pressing Formula 1 style buttons on the steering wheel.

The monocoque chassis of the Ford IndiGo concept was a single piece tub formed from carbon fibre composite.

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